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Hiroaki Umeda is in Google Android's advert in Japan.

'Intensional Particle' is ready to tour.

'Intensional Particle' was premiered in France in March 2015. And now we are ready to tour with this piece. If you are interested in, please contact us.

S20 Hiroaki Umeda's official Facebook Page is open.

S20 Hiroaki Umeda's official Facebook Page is open. We will post latest performance/tour/project information.
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Hiroaki Umeda's research project 'Somatic Field Project' Facebook page is open.

Now we opened Facebook Page.
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Current Project

Residency in Beirut for Maqamat Omar Rajeh’s project

Umeda will participate in Omar Rajeh’s choreography project. The residency will take place in various countries throughout the year and the work will be premiered in April 2016.

'kinesis #1 - screen field' is ready.

Our first audio visual piece kinesis #1 - screen field is ready to screen. It is FullHD format and 7min video piece.

Somatic Field Project has open class in Japan.
Somatic Field Project のオープンクラスをやっています。

Hiroaki Umeda's new project 'Somatic Field Project' has launched. This is the project of experiment and research for movement and choreography. It is a kind of company based project. So we are looking for young dancers who are intereseted in joining to this project for long term.
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Somatic Field Project に参加してくれるダンサーを募集しています。カンパニーベースとして、継続的に一緒にワークしてくれるダンサーはぜひ連絡してください。


Adapting for Distortion
Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary


Company: S20

Director: Hiroaki Umeda
Production Manager: Suzuko Tanoiri

E-mail: contact(at)


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